Becoming a Milk Collection Site

Becoming a collection site is a simple process that begins with a phone call to MMBA, expressing a desire to be a collection site.

New collection sites are opened in areas where the breastfeeding rates support the goal of identifying donors in that area, and where a business desires a relationship with MMBA.

The opening of collection sites at hospitals, medical centers, lactation centers, and doctors' offices is an opportunity for that organization to send out a positive message to the community regarding their belief in the importance of breastfeeding. Requirements include a protected location for a freezer (away from general public traffic), an employee or volunteer who agrees to oversee the drop-off of milk, and a desire to advocate for breastfeeding. MMBA provides all relevant training and resources for any business to be a successful collection site.

New collection sites often see an increase in new milk donors in their local area. Help us expand our mission to your community.