Ways to Donate

You can help fragile babies thrive by donating breast milk or investing in our lifesaving work.

Our Freshest News

2015 is halfway over and we need your help to meet our goal! This year, we’d like to increase our milk donors from 686 to 825. Are you breastfeeding or do you know any new or expectant mothers? If so, please have them call us at 512-494-0800 to explore whether they can be a lifesaver of preterm infants.

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Story of the Week

“The idea that my breast milk could literally save the lives of premature and sick infants was the ultimate reward. And all I had to do was pump a little extra milk each day while my little one was sleeping! Every time I dropped my donations off at the milk bank I would picture little babies drinking my milk and instantly growing bigger and stronger. I’d thank my son for sharing his precious milk so that other babies could live a healthy life just like him. I know that someday he’ll understand.” -Milk Donor Dianne