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You can help fragile babies thrive by donating breast milk or investing in our lifesaving work.

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Our favorite month of the year is here! Click here to learn more about how we will be celebrating and educating throughout August during National Breastfeeding Month!

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Story of the Week

“When my baby is very young yet old enough to understand words, ideas, concepts, I plan on telling her about her story, her origins, her beginning of life. In doing so, there will be stories of Lila's "Milk Mommies" that helped her grow to be the strong, resilient little one that she is. She will know that very caring, loving, nurturing, generous women we have never met gave of their milk, and in doing so, became a part of her, along with all the goodness of the planet earth. All the mommies that wanted to give milk asked for permission from their little babies to also share what was theirs.” –Laura, Milk recipient mom