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    Donating Breast Milk

    Got what it takes to be a donor mom? If you are a healthy, breastfeeding woman, you could save fragile babies with your breast milk donation. Learn how to become a breast milk donor.

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    How Breast Milk Banks Help Mothers

    Mom's own milk is always best for your baby – but when it's not available, milk generously given by screened donor mothers through a human milk bank is the next best thing. Is your baby eligible?

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    What’s the Weirdest Place You’ve Done It?

    If you’ve ever done it, you may make a good donor to the Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin. No matter where our milk donors have pumped their breast milk, they all have one thing in common—they are saving the lives of preterm and ill infants with their milk donations. Check out our latest video!

Ways to Donate

You can help fragile babies thrive by donating breast milk or investing in our lifesaving work.

Our Freshest News

We're setting goals for 2015 at the milk bank and need your help. This year, we’d like to increase our milk donors from 686 to 825. Are you breastfeeding or do you know any new or expectant mothers? If so, please have them call us at 512-494-0800 to explore whether they can be a lifesaver of preterm infants.

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Story of the Week

Did you know that the Office of Women’s Health of the US Department of Health and Human Services is solely devoted to issues of women’s health? They have information on just about anything, but most relevant is their breastfeeding data. Find answers you were looking for, and answers to questions you hadn’t yet thought of!