Luke’s Story

The following story comes from Jeff and Monal, the recipient family for Luke:

My husband and I have been happily married for six years. Most of those years were spent trying to have a baby. We encountered heartbreak after heartbreak, miscarriage, being told my eggs weren't good enough to conceive, that I couldn't carry a baby to term. We felt hopeless and broken. Finally, through a wise acupuncture and IVF team, and the help of a great surrogate-mom, we finally have our precious baby boy, Luke. He has been a long-pined for blessing in our lives.

From the beginning, we wanted our son to receive the most wholesome, healthy, nutritious food on the planet: breastmilk. It was heartbreaking for me as a mom that I couldn't provide breastmilk for our son, even though I tried through acupuncture and various holistic means. Our pediatrician appealed to Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin and MMBA has provided milk for Luke since his birth.

When our son was three months old, MMBA’s milk supply ran low for a few weeks. When milk donations are low, fragile preemies and ill infants who desperately need breastmilk to survive are given first priority in the distribution of donor milk. We support this structure fully, and feel very blessed that our son is healthy. We transitioned Luke to formula. We quickly found out that he simply could not digest formula. We tried multiple different bands but he was intolerant to all—he was throwing up, constipated and rapidly losing weight. We were so scared for our son. Mercifully, Austin Milk Bank understood our concern, and because wonderful moms were donating breast milk, they were able to send us more milk. Once Luke was back on donor milk, he began gaining weight, meeting his milestones, enjoying his food—we were so relieved.

Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin has been a blessing of epic proportions for our son Luke. It's the dedication and hard work of the men and women of the milk bank that has kept Luke getting his milk, getting healthy, thriving. Our second enormous blessing is the selfless mothers who donate milk to the milk bank, so that families like ours can get safe, healthy food for our baby.

When you look into the eyes of your precious baby and see that you're meeting their needs, you feel like a parent. Thanks to amazing donor moms, I’m able to see that look in my son's eyes as well. If you're a mom who's contemplating donating your milk, please let our story reach your heart. We don't know what we would do without Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin. Milk donors, you are heroes for us; you are our life-savers.

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