Ordering Donor Milk: Hospitals

All donor human milk (DHM) for currently hospitalized patients is dispensed by a physician order. Once a healthcare provider has requested donor milk for a patient, the following steps should be taken:

Ordering for inpatients

  1. If this is the first time your department is ordering, submit the Hospital Screening Form available at the bottom of this page. If you have ordered previously, please fax your order to 512-428-8950 or email it to orders@milkbank.org.
  2. Obtain purchase order number from your hospital.
  3. Obtain hospital’s FedEx number for shipping.
  4. Contact us with specific information:
    • type of milk needed (20Kcal/oz., 22 Kcal/oz., or 24 Kcal/oz.)
    • amount of milk needed this week
    • purchase order number
    • specific address where milk should be shipped (specify dept. and floor)
    • person who will receive the milk (this may be general, such as the NICU secretary)
    • contact name and address to whom bill should be sent
    • FedEx number of hospital under which shipments should be sent

Shipping and delivery: Orders should be placed by 3 pm CST Monday through Thursday for next-day delivery. If there is an urgent need for milk outside of that time period, please contact MMBA to explore options.

New hospital form

This form is to be completed by a departmental representative ONLY when you are ordering donor human milk from us for the first time.