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Standing Committees

Interested in working with and learning more about MMBA? Serving on a committee is one way to do that. See one that might be a good fit? Email our Executive Director Kim Updegrove to express interest and learn more about the roles and responsibilities. Serving on a committee is another way to support good outcomes for vulnerable infants, and for those interested in playing an even bigger role, committee service can be a stepping stone to serving on the Board of Directors. We need all talents - please join us!

Community Development

Membership: Jana Sharpe-Sanders (c), Veronica Cogwin (c), Nan Kinzler, Danielle Arnold, Julia Weatherby, Jennifer Goetz, Donna Cordoba, Veronica Hendrix, and Bailey Escarzaga

Staff Liaisons: Kim Updegrove, Tedrah Robertson


  • Builds and maintains a community of supporters by developing relationships with members of the community
  • Conducts strategic planning for the Ambassador program
  • Raises awareness of milk banking
  • Recruits milk donors, financial donors and volunteers in the Central Texas area
  • Helps more businesses become mother-friendly



Membership: Nan Kinzler (c), Ken Cauthern
Staff Liaison: Kim Updegrove


  • Builds and maintains relationship with tenant of the building
  • Oversees process for site build out, hiring of construction manager and maintenance
  • Reviews plans and contracts
  • Verifies lease compliance


Go Big

Membership: Jennifer Goetz (c), Julia Weatherby, Carolyn Kenny, Jana Sharpe-Sanders, John Thornborrow, Nan Kinzler,  Veronica Hendrix, Amy Cobb
Staff Liaison: Kim Updegrove


  • Conducts strategic planning to reach goal of every Level 3 and 4 NICU in the US provide donor human milk.
  • Maps overall progress towards goal
  • Identifies and addresses barriers to reaching goal



Membership:  Julia Weatherby (c), Carolyn Kenny (President-Elect), Nan Kinzler (Secretary), Michael Crowe (Treasurer)
By definition, members are the Officers of the Board; the President chairs committee
Staff Liaison: Kim Updegrove


  • Hires and evaluates Executive Director.
  • Has authority delegated by Board to act on behalf of Board during interim between Board meetings
  • Oversees development of annual budget, operating plan, and program evaluation
  • Ensures good communication and expectations between the Board and MMBA



Membership: Michael Crowe (c), John Thornborrow, Marshall Cothran, Chris Earthman, Carolyn Kenny
By definition, the chair is the Board Treasurer
Staff Liaisons: Kim Updegrove, Marla Koosed (CPA)


  • Engagement of the organization’s Auditor, and support of the audit process
  • Oversees financial and accounting practices, including review of financial policies and controls
  • Acts as a sounding board for the Executive Director and Board of Directors when making significant financial decisions
  • Reviews the annual budget of the organization and provide feedback and comment
  • Supports the Committee Chair as the financial liaison to the MMBA Board of Directors
  • Supports MMBA’s sustainability through the analysis of financial feasibility of potential new products, and pricing structures



Membership: Peter Untalan (c), Sonny Rivera, Frank Cho, John Thornborrow, Jennifer Goetz, Anthony Rudine
Staff Liaison: Kim Updegrove


  • Conducts research to quantify and optimize the unique therapeutic, nutritional benefits of human milk
  • Develops and distributes a donor human milk product optimized for very low birth weight preterm infant
  • Reviews and approves all requested research efforts involving MMBA resources
  • Advises on research lab
  • Verifies that the research lab meets FDA requirements
  • Identifies and negotiates with potential research partners and teaching institutions
  • Surveys and collaborates with partner hospitals on additional product lines for MMBA to develop
  • Coordinates with Executive Director to fund research projects and equipment purchases
  • Through MMBA website, describes research that is being conducted


Governance & Nominations

Membership:  Michael Crowe (c), Marianne Baker Bolduc, Karen Swenson, Nan Kinzler, Jennifer Goetz
Staff Liaison: Kim Updegrove


  • Identifies board development needs
  • Manages annual process to identify, recruit, and orient new board members
  • Communicates with committee chairs about potential board candidates
  • Works with staff to maintain an up-to-date prospective board member information packet, board orientation process, and shared file repository
  • Establishes a historical archive (on-going record) of board members, terms of service, and brief biographies (including photos) to be used in appreciation ceremonies and annual giving solicitations.
  • Establishes a basic slate of expertise that is necessary to maintain a healthy diversity on the board of directors (i.e. lawyer, controller, neonatologist, lactation consultant)
  • Reviews bylaws and recommends changes; ensures that board policies conform with bylaws


Ad Hoc Committees


Membership: Karen Swenson, Jennifer Goetz
Staff Liaison: Kim Updegrove


  • Meets annually to review MMBA policies and procedures