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Standing Committees

Interested in working with and learning more about MMBA? Serving on a committee is one way to do that. See one that might be a good fit? Email the executive director, Kim Updegrove, to express interest and learn more about the roles and responsibilities. Serving on a committee is another way to support good outcomes for vulnerable infants, and for those interested in playing an even bigger role, committee service can be a stepping stone to serving on the Board of Directors. We need all talents - please join us!



  • Hire and evaluate Executive Director.
  • Has authority delegated by Board to act on behalf of Board during interim between Board meetings.
  • Oversee development of annual budget, operating plan, and program evaluation.
  • Ensure good communication and expectations between the Board and MMBA.

Chair: Amanda Koellhofer

Membership: Past President Peter Untalan, Treasurer John Thornborrow, Secretary Marianne Baker Bolduc



  • Engagement of the organization’s Auditor and support of the audit process.
  • Oversight of financial and accounting practices, including review of financial policies and controls.
  • To act as a sounding board for the Executive Director and Board of Directors when making significant financial decisions.
  • To review the annual budget of the organization and provide feedback and comment.
  • To support the Committee Chair as the financial liaison to the MMBA Board of Directors.
  • To support MMBA’s sustainability through the analysis of financial feasibility of potential new products, and pricing structures.

Chair: John Thornborrow

Membership: Marianne Baker Bolduc, Marshall Cothran, Chris Earthman, Carolyn Kenney



  • Conduct research to quantify and optimize the unique therapeutic, nutritional benefits of human milk.
  • Develop and distribute a donor human milk product optimized for very low birth weight preterm infant.
  • Review and approve all requested research efforts involving MMBA resources.
  • Design and prepare a processing lab that meets FDA requirements.
  • Identify and negotiate with potential research partners and teaching institutions.
  • Survey and collaborate with partner hospitals on additional product lines for MMBA to develop.
  • Coordinate with Development Committee to fund research projects and equipment purchases.
  • Recruit appropriate committee members from Board of Directors as well as community.

Chair: Peter Untalan

Membership: Sonny Rivera, Frank Cho, John Thornborrow

Governance & Nominations


  • Establish a bi-monthly meeting schedule to discuss board development needs.
  • Develop an annual process to identify, recruit, and orient new board members.
  • Establish mechanisms to communicate with committee chairs about potential board candidates.
  • Work with staff to maintain an up-to-date prospective board member information packet, board orientation process, and board director's notebook.
  • Establish a historical archive (on-going record) of board members, terms of service, and brief biographies (including photos) to be used in appreciation ceremonies and annual giving solicitations.
  • Establish a basic slate of expertise that is necessary to maintain a healthy diversity on the BOD (i.e. lawyer, controller, neo, LC).
  • Review bylaws and recommend changes, ensure that board policies conform with by laws.
  • Establish a historical archive (on-going record) of board members, terms of service, and brief biographies (including photos) to be used in appreciation ceremonies and annual giving solicitations.

Chair: Mike Crowe

Membership:  Marianne Baker Bolduc, Tom Nesbitt, Marshall Cothran, John Thornborrow



  • Establish a committee chair, members, and regular meeting schedule.
  • Establish a bi-monthly meeting schedule to discuss and evaluate marketing needs and efforts.
  • Recruit appropriate committee members from Board of Directors as well as community.
  • Support MMBA staff in creation, planning and details of annual Friends of the Milk Bank and other events, including soliciting for silent auction items, donations, ticket sales, staffing and promotion.
  • Work with staff on fundraising strategy to incorporate foundation grants, corporate contributions, and individual philanthropy.
  • Work with staff to develop an annual plan for marketing and public relations, including use of all print and electronic media that is focused on how the Milk Bank meets the needs of the preterm infants.
  • Monitor MMBA progress and results on marketing, fundraising and development efforts, and offer recommendations for improvement.
  • Ad Hoc Committees.

Chair: Julia Weatherby

Membership: Stephanie Darby, Michelle Garel, Nan Kinzler, Tricia Ghosh, Gabrielle Mortensen



  • Establish an ad hoc meeting schedule to discuss milk banking issues, including, but not limited to the allocation of scarce resources, the use of human milk for nontraditional clients, the use of human milk for other research purposes, and the provision of charitable care.
  • Establish a framework by which staff and Board members can make decisions about the allocation of resources, both milk and money.
  • Identify opportunities to support policies which support breastfeeding and distribution of donor human milk.

Chair: Jennifer Goetz

Membership: Marianne Bolduc Baker, Barbara Wilson Clay, Laurie Beck, Sonny Rivera, Meg Moore



  • This ad hoc committee is organized to advise Capital Campaign regarding space needs, location of building sites, buy vs lease, etc.

Membership: Carolyn Kenney, Tim Cuppett, Kevin Goetz, Marianne Baker-Bolduc, 

Capital Campaign


  • This ad hoc committee is organized to plan, energize, oversee, and set the tempo for the Capital Campaign of the Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin, acting in accordance with the vision of the Board of Directors, and in consultation with hired and volunteer consultants approved by the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors. 
  • Select a campaign consultant to advise course options for the campaign.
  • Establish campaign goals in collaboration with Board of Directors, Executive and Development Directors, and Building Committee.
  • Set a realistic timeline for achieving campaign goals.
  • Facilitate development of campaign materials.
  • Work with Board and ED to identify and develop strategy for approach of five potential seed funders.
  • Assist with the identification, cultivation, solicitation and and stewardship of donors as appropriate.

Chairs: Peter Untalan, John Thornborrow

Membership: Barbara Wilson-Clay, Amanda Koellhofer, Julia Weatherby, Caroline Valentine, Jana Sanders, Barbara King, Fareid Rebeiz, Jessica Shortall, Carolyn Kenny