How to: Preparing Milk

​Preparing Pumped Milk for Donation

Properly preparing your milk for donation--either by shipping or by depot drop-off--is important in assuring your liquid gold arrives at MMBA safely!

  • To drop off milk, you must first be approved as a milk donor with Mothers’ Milk Bank Austin. Click here to initiate the simple four step screening process.
  • Collect at least 100 ounces of frozen milk for your initial milk deposit.
  • Place your frozen milk containers or bags in a larger plastic bag (e.g., a clean grocery store bag). Enclose a piece of paper on which you write your last name and donor ID number.
  • Tie the bag with your milk containers tightly shut, and label it clearly with your last name and donor ID number in permanent marker.

Drop off your milk at MMBA or at the depot site nearest you. If you are a shipping donor, we will supply coolers and reimburse you for dry ice. The milk will be shipped via UPS to MMBA for processing.