Donate Breast Milk in San Diego

Breast milk donation drop off location in San Diego, California

Did you know that you can save the lives of babies born too soon and too small with your breast milk donation? Mothers’ Milk Bank Austin is a nonprofit organization that relies on healthy, lactating women to donate their extra breast milk to preterm and ill infants in need when a mother cannot provide her own breast milk. If you are interested in becoming a milk donor and real-life superhero, fill out the form on this page to initiate a simple screening process to determine your eligibility to donate precious milk. Someone from the milk bank will contact you within 48 hours after receiving your information. 


Getting Your Milk to MMBA

  • You must be approved as a milk donor with Mothers’ Milk Bank Austin before you begin dropping off milk. View preparation tips before dropping off your milk.
  • The people who greet you at the depots are volunteers for MMBA, and they volunteer during their normal work hours. Please call ahead of time to let them know you are coming to drop off milk, and be patient if you have to wait for them while they finish up with their patients. We encourage you to share any concerns or questions with the milk bank, and of course, if someone is particularly helpful, consider posting a thank you to them on our social media sites.



San Diego

UC Health Milk Bank
3636 Gateway Center Avenue
San Diego, CA 92102

Approved donors: please contact Alex Diaz ( to schedule a milk drop off appointment

Please put your milk donation in plastic bags as directed by MMBA. Better to have several smaller bags of milk so that bag isn’t too heavy or tears when being packed. Bring your milk in a cooler in your car to keep it frozen.

  • Look for our big blue banner!
  • You can pull into the 10 minute parking spaces
  • Come in the front door and check in at the donor desk
  • We will bring a cart out to your car and help you with the cooler and milk
  • We are so thankful for your gift and can’t wait to see you!