Donating, Sharing Informally or Selling Breast Milk

What’s a woman to do?

Lactating moms have choices about what to do with their expressed breast milk when it exceeds what’s needed for their own child.

Women have shared their milk with other women’s babies for thousands of years – sometimes willingly, sometimes by force, and sometimes for monetary reward. At the Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin, we honor your choice, but we inform about the milk needs of the 60,000 very low birth weight infants born each year in hopes that you consider giving some or all of your surplus milk to the tiniest babies whose lives depend on it. We don’t pay moms for their milk, but we give the milk to those babies who need it the most. Human milk is best for human babies, but lifesaving to babies small enough to fit in your hand. We hope that you will consider making a milk donation in order to save a fragile baby’s life – please, give the gift of life today so that another family can celebrate their infant’s survival – all because of you. Here at the milk bank, any baby with a medical need for milk receives it, regardless of insurance coverage or other financial resource. Please join us in supporting their precious tiny lives.

It’s simple. Call 877-813-6455 or complete the form on this page to initiate a simple screening process to determine your eligibility to donate precious milk. It costs you nothing, and gives you the satisfaction of helping to ensure that the next generation survives, and is as healthy as it can be. In just four days, you could be on your way to saving the lives of preterm infants, all at the expense of the Mothers' Milk Bank at Austin.



The Mothers' Milk Bank at Austin is a registered 501(c)(3) organization: 74-2883760