Financial Assistance

Charitable Care: Financial assistance for families who need it

About Our Charitable Care Program

Mothers’ Milk Bank Austin is committed to caring for all babies with a medical need for human milk.

Our Charitable Care Program ensures life-saving donor human milk is provided to all infants with a need, regardless of the family’s ability to pay. As one of the only milk banks in the country to offer a Charitable Care Program, we ensure that the sickest and most fragile babies are served and that no baby will be denied care due to a lack of insurance or financial resources.

Mothers’ Milk Bank Austin is able to provide this program because of the generosity of individual supporters, business partners, and foundations. 100% of the donations we receive are dedicated to supporting our mission and our lifesaving programs like the Charitable Care Program.


For our milk recipients who lack insurance or financial resources, we encourage you to apply for our Charitable Care Program.

To be considered for charitable care benefits, a recipient family receiving donor milk from MMBA must:

  • Submit an Application for Charitable Assistance (available at the bottom of this page)
  • Submit an Agreement for Services (available at the bottom of this page)

MMBA will review these submitted forms and determine eligibility. If not eligible, MMBA may be able to establish a billing plan where the milk processing fees are paid over time.

Additionally, we encourage you to get creative with ways to give back. Your contributions to the Charitable Care Program, or to your account will help babies with a medical need, like yours.

Charitable Care Application Forms

Submit both forms below for consideration: