Charitable Care

Charitable Care Saves Babies' Lives

Our charitable care program ensures that life-saving donor human milk is provided to all infants with a medical need, regardless of the family’s ability to pay. No fragile baby will ever be denied donor milk due to a lack of insurance or financial resources.

We are solely dependent on individual donors, foundations and corporations to fund this program. 100% of donations to the Mothers' Milk Bank at Austin go to either our charitable care or research program.

Donate now and help save a life!

Make a larger impact by becoming a Friend of the Milk Bank, our exclusive giving program for donors who contribute $250 or more!


Our Mission

Mothers' Milk Bank at Austin saves babies’ lives by providing prescribed donor human milk. We are committed to care for all babies with a medical need for human milk. However, with 17% of all children in Texas and 10% in the US lacking health insurance, we are experiencing a significant need for charitable care. In addition, while Texas Medicaid pays a portion of the milk fee for qualified babies, there is a significant percentage of the fee that is not covered, in addition to any shipping costs. Our charitable care program ensures that the sickest and most fragile babies are served regardless of a family's ability to pay.

In 2016, we provided $175,000 in charitable care to babies who needed life-saving donor milk to survive but whose families did not have the financial resources to cover the costs. We anticipate the need for charitable care will grow this year.


How Can We Help Your Baby?

For our recipients who lack insurance or financial resources, please apply for our charitable care program.

To be considered for charitable care benefits, a recipient family receiving donor milk from MMBA must:

We also encourage you to get creative with ways to help contribute to the milk bank. Your contributions to the program, or to your account will help babies with a medical need, like yours.


How Can You Help Other Babies?

Our charitable care program is funded directly by donations from individuals, grants and corporations. If money is not raised, these benefits may run out.

A special occasion or celebration is a perfect time to provide your friends and family with the opportunity to give back! “In lieu of gifts, we ask instead that you make a donation to the Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin to help fragile babies thrive!”

This is perfect for:

  • Birthday parties
  • Baptisms
  • Baby showers
  • Sip and Sees
  • Upsherin



“I know that without donor breast milk, Hunter would have died. His little tummy couldn’t handle the formula, and over time I was no longer able to provide my own milk for him. Today, Hunter is a very happy 20 month-old! It’s still a bumpy road, yet we’re seeing great progress. I am so thankful for all of the milk donors. You gave my son a chance at life, and for that I’m eternally grateful!”

Hunter's Mother

“With a laundry list of health challenges—many directly related to feeding and digestion—I knew James was a medically “needy” baby, but I also knew my husband and I likely couldn’t afford donor milk. That’s when we learned about the milk bank’s Charitable Care Program, where we could get milk at a price we could afford. The first time I got a box of milk, I cried as I put it in our freezer. It's a wonderful blessing to be able to receive such a gift. It's been one of the only things I felt like I could do to help my son." James’s mother