Milk is Science and Love

Milk is Science & Love Sustaining Donor Drive

We continue to discover new things about donor human milk every day. We know that it’s packed with proteins, minerals, vitamins, and fat designed specifically to meet a baby’s need. We know that it’s full of thousands of protective antibodies, growth factors, and cells that fight infections, help a baby’s brain develop, and lays a foundation for a healthy future. And, we know that it’s full of love—the love of caring for your community, the love of sharing a precious resource, the love of saving the life of a child who otherwise would not survive.

For all these reasons and more, the Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin is excited to announce the launch of our new Milk is Science and Love sustaining donor drive. Our sustaining members serve as the foundation of our lifesaving programs. They:
  • Help provide life-saving milk to babies in need of our Charitable Care Program--a program that ensures all babies with a medical need for milk will receive it regardless of financial resources.
  • Enable MMBA to have an ample supply of donor milk for those in need through outreach, education, and convenient milk collection sites.
  • Cover the costs of screening milk donors to verify their ability to donate milk.
  • Support our research that increases understanding of human milk and how it is best provided to fragile babies.

By making a recurring monthly donation today, you make a lasting commitment to preterm and medically-fragile infants, giving them a chance to grow, thrive, and survive. 

Sustaining Donor Gift

When you make a recurring monthly donation of $25 or more, you will receive a limited-edition Milk is Science and Love tote bag designed by Austin illustrator Laura Fisk of Fisk and Fern. The tote bag features two babies eagerly awaiting the Milk Bank Express stork with her basket of safe donor human milk. Surrounded by milk drops featuring many of the lifesaving components of donor human milk—fat, carbohydrates, protein, energy, and antibodies—we’re reminded that Milk is Science and Love.  

 Fisk and Fern 

Fisk and Fern is a paper and household goods business, owned and operated by illustrator Laura  Fisk.  Her products feature all sorts of funny characters that are hand drawn using an army of pens and  pencils.  There's always a good dose of silliness in her work and she always hopes to make people  chuckle through her characters.   Laura lives in Austin with her husband, 4 year old son, and sweet pug.