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We love a good story. Do you have one to share about your experience with the Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin? Share your story and baby pictures!


Lauren WhiteI first heard of MMBA while attending a community event with my, then, five month old son. Being thankful for the healthy baby in my life, I was immediately interested in how I could help!  After learning more, and seeing my freezer fill up with milk that would go unused - it was an ideal way to share health and hope with babies in need.  My donating experience was a simple process to begin, and very fulfilling.  The staff at MMBA, and various milk depots, were always so sincerely thankful for every donation made – a gift of life for tiny babies. –Lauren White, Donor Mom


 Happy to Give

I became a milk donor in 2009 after the birth of my first son. Since he refused to breastfeed, I exclusively pumped for him. I had a huge oversupply and had no ideaIlene Haerle what to do with all of the extra milk. That's when my pediatrician recommended looking into MMBA. The process to become an approved donor was simple and the staff was very helpful and friendly. After the birth of my second child, I again had a huge oversupply and decided to donate again. After two babies, I was able to donate close to 11,000 ounces!  Donating to a milk bank where I knew my milk would go to the neediest babies made me feel happy to help other mothers in their time of need. When people would ask me why I donated, I would say that I was only doing what I hope others would do for me had the roles been reversed. Now that my time as a milk donor has come to an end, I hope to continue to spread the word about the need for milk donors and the awesome and life saving properties of breast milk.  –Ilene Haerle, Donor Mom

Gift of Life

Andrea GalindoMy daughter, Camila, had a fever when she was just a month and half. She wasn't eating and I had to pump while at the hospital. It was at the hospital that I saw some stories on the wall about 1 1/2 pound babies that were saved because of breast milk. I asked around and found out about the great gift of life that we can give: breast milk. I quickly enrolled and started donating. I donated milk until my daughter was one year old (the norm for donation); to that day I donated about 600 oz. My daughter is now two and half years old, she has a great immune system and a great bonding thanks to nursing. She sometimes still nurses in the morning when she crawls up in bed with me; these are the best moments of my life right now. I tell all my nursing friends about the benefits of breastfeeding and tell them about the great experience of donating breast milk; hopefully more people will donate and help more babies in need.  —Andrea Galindo, Milk Donor


When my first child was born in 2006, like many new mothers I bought a pump to help relieve engorgement, and also felt the urgency to store some milk for my ownLeigh Blankenburg baby "just in case."  Little did I know that I would become an over-producer, which was a blessing in disguise as I came across the MMBA website one day online.  I felt God was calling me to help these sweet little ones who can only live on mother's milk, so I decided to become a donor and share my extra supply.  As of today, I am donating for the third time with my third child.  Breastfeeding is a passion of mine, and the MMBA has become very dear to my heart!  I try to spread the word to all of my nursing mother friends, and I'm so proud of the many who are also donors.  —Leigh Blankenburg, Donor Mom