Milk Donor Ambassador

Want to be a Milk Messenger? 

Are you a retired milk donor?  Wow, we can’t thank you enough.  Your generous contribution of mama milk has made a real difference for preterm and sick babies. But your special role is not over. There are many ways you can stay connected.

You can be a Milk Donor Ambassador and continue to help fragile babies thrive!

Retired milk donors are our biggest advocates! You have given your most precious resource to babies in need and you are knowledgeable about our work and passionate about helping fragile babies thrive. You are our best ambassadors for getting us the milk we need in order to help fragile babies survive and thrive! 


As Milk Donor Ambassador you can:

  • Help us reach out to prospective milk donors
  • Volunteer at the Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin
  • Make a gift of financial support
  • Join us for group functions throughout the year and connect with other milk donor ambassador

For more info, contact Allie Schlapp, Community Manager!

Spread the word!

As a retired milk donor, you are uniquely qualified to:

  • Give a talk for your local church/civic/social/moms’ group
  • Pass out pamphlets to your (and your baby’s) healthcare providers
  • Write an op-ed article or letter to the editor of your local newspaper
  • Mentor a prospective or new donor mom by email or phone
  • Distribute materials at your workplace
  • “Share Your Story” on our website
  • Make a video and post to YouTube
  • Write an article for the Mothers’ Milk Bank newsletter
  • Write about us on your blog
  • Share your photos and stories on our Facebook page

And that’s just a start! We welcome and encourage new and creative ideas for spreading the word about the Mothers’ Milk Bank. Got a great suggestion? Share it with us and we’ll do our best to help you make it happen!