Ask a milk donor

Thinking about becoming a milk donor? Want more information about the process, and what it's like to donate milk?

Connect with our Milk Bank Ambassadors. These moms are veteran milk donors who are happy to answer your questions and share their stories.

MeghanMeghan Browne

Austin, TX
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"After we completed the hassle-free screening process with the Mothers' Milk Bank, Piercy Joye and I dropped our excess milk every other week. I considered our year-long commitment to milk banking our first family community service project, and we were able to share about twenty gallons of milk with babies in need that year. I've been proud to also share with my son this tradition of giving back and sharing with others. I have mommy friends now who have had preemie babies or who have adopted special-needs infants that have told me that donations like ours saved the lives of their children."

Jaime McGaughey

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"I started pumping just to make sure I had enough for my baby's needs while she was at daycare but milk quickly filled our freezer.  When it was clear that she wouldn't need as much as I was making, I looked into donating it. I don't live close to any milk banks but fortunately a local company, the Breastfeeding Center for Greater Washington, is a milk collection site for the Mothers' Milk Bank at Austin and takes care of shipping donor milk to the milk bank. I went through the same screening process as Austin participants and took a cooler's-worth of milk to my local drop-off point every few months for them to ship to Austin to help such fragile babies. I'm so thrilled to have been able to put this milk to good use."

Leigh BlankenburgLeigh Blankenburg

Lexington, TX
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"After our son was born in 2006...I thoroughly wanted to provide God's best first nourishment to these sweet preemie and sick babies, just like I was giving it to my own baby. So I happily donated about 1,000 ounces in the first year of my son's life. I am excited to be a donor again and allow our daughter (born December 2009) to share her milk like her big brother did. And I hope others will share their precious milk, too! I have encouraged several people to donate milk by telling them how easy it really is, and to not get discouraged. I tell them that even if they could only spare 4 ounces per day, it would take them only about 38 days to have 150 ounces to donate."