Board of Directors

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Amanda Koellhofer, B.A.
A former donor mom, Amanda brings more than 15 years experience in marketing and event planning to the MMBA board. After graduating from UT Austin, she enjoyed a sales and marketing career with Dell, NetQoS and Solarwinds before staying home to be a full-time mom to her twin boys. Amanda has also served on boards of the American Marketing Association, Austin Chapter, and the TLLC Child Development Center. She is involved in her church and dedicated to service — especially for kids and families. Amanda loves to read, spend time with family and friends, and travel with her family.

“I learned about the Milk Bank when I had a freezer full of breastmilk near expiration that my twins would not need. I discovered the Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin, and I am so proud of the donations I made. The volume of milk that would feed my boys for a few days could feed many sweet babies fighting for their lives for much longer. My breastfeeding days may be gone, but not my passion for saving the lives of babies with a critical need for donor milk. The community created through mothers donating milk, families supporting our Charitable Care program, babies thriving because of another mother’s gift, and recipient family’s appreciation is simply beautiful.”

Immediate Past President

Peter Untalan, MD
Peter has been providing neonatalogy services with the Pediatrix Medical Group of Austin since 2002. He is driven to ensure the best care to infants, children, and their families. Dr. Untalan, a strong supporter of the power of nutrition and breastmilk, served as the President of the Mother’s Milk Bank at Austin from 2010-2015.  He received his medical degree from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and performed his residency at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. Peter is thankful for the constant support of his wife Sydney and three children, Antonia, Pedro, and Frances. 

“Working with the milk bank is a life mission, because I want to ensure the best nutrition is readily available for our most at-risk babies.”

President's Council

Audelio (Sonny) Rivera, Jr., MD
Neonatologist, Pediatrix Medical Group/St. David’s Medical Center - bio pending


Marianne Baker-Bolduc, JD
Marianne, a UT School of Law graduate, served as staff attorney and then senior attorney at the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission (now Texas Commission on Environmental Quality). After a few wonderful years as a stay-at-home mom, she worked in private estate planning practice as a partner in Baker & Bolduc. In 2011 she joined the Texas Department of Insurance, first in policy development and currently in property and casualty. She is married to David Bolduc, and has two sons, Andrew and Will.

“While pregnant with my first son fifteen years ago, I learned about the Milk Bank from a TV news story and immediately knew I would become a donor. I could not fail to help those tiny babies when I was able to provide something—mother’s milk—that few others could. I pumped every day for a year, only for the Milk Bank, and did the same after I had my second son. I joined the board in 2009 and have served as treasurer and secretary. Helping the Milk Bank grow and prosper, expanding its reach and diversifying its offerings, has been tremendously fulfilling.”


John Thornborrow
Managing Partner at Vitesse Capital Partners, John brings to the MMBA Board of Directors twenty years of executive financial management experience. He has served in a variety of financial and operations roles in public and private technology companies. He is active in the Austin-area social impact investing space in the healthcare and education technology sectors. He serves on the boards of directors at Mission Capital, Charity Dynamics, DiscoverHope Fund, and the Austin Community College Foundation. He earned an M.B.A. from UT Austin.

“I love the mission of MMBA, because it exemplifies the commitment of families in the community supporting other families. Moms volunteer and donate human milk that nourishes tiny preemie babies in need. And MMBA insures that this life-saving milk is safe and effective for these at-risk infants.”   


Laurie Beck, RN, MSN, IBCLC
Laurie has over twenty-five years experience in hospital postpartum, nursery, and NICU nursing and as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in private practice and hospitals. Recipient of a Master's in Nursing from Corpus Christi State University, she served as adjunct professor for Texas A&M University Nursing program for eleven years. She has also served as president and board member of the U.S. Lactation Consultants Association. Laurie lives in Corpus Christi where she maintains a private IBCLC practice and serves as Lactation Program Coordinator at Driscoll Children's Hospital.

 “As a nurse, mother, and IBCLC, I have learned over the years how important breastmilk is for all babies. Not all families are well informed on the benefits of breastmilk, however, so parents need education and support to make the best decisions for their family. For fragile babies in a hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, prescribed donor milk from a milk bank is the next best thing, if mom's own milk is unavailable. Breastmilk is a limited and very precious resource, so we need more healthy mothers to breastfeed and donate.” 

Jennifer Goetz, MD
Jennifer Goetz is a neonatologist with Mednax, Inc. whose primary practice location is St. David's Medical Center. She joined the MMBA board of directors in January 2014. Jennifer obtained her medical degree at the University of Louisville in 2007, then completed a pediatrics residency and neonatology fellowship at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. She also earned an M.A. in bioethics and health policy from Loyola University Chicago. In Austin since 2013, brings her passion for hands-on clinical care to her patients in the NICU. She enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and two dogs.

"I see firsthand, every day, the beneficial effects of donor human milk for our smallest and sickest babies.”

Bob Gutermuth
Bob Gutermuth founded Austin-based Dialog Group in 2005 with a disruptive model combining top tier consulting together with digital agency execution. Dialog has helped to accelerate the growth of companies such as Adobe, Apple, HP, Lenovo, and Starwood Hotels & Resorts. Previously Bob served as an Executive Director in Dell’s Public Sector Division, a $9 billion unit focused on Education, Government, and Healthcare Customers, where he led marketing strategy, Digital, and marketing communications teams. Bob was recognized by Business-to-Business Magazine as one of the top fifteen Direct Marketers in the United States,

“My youngest son benefited from the services MMBA provides when he was born a month premature. But my passion for the organization comes from being a father and knowing how vital it is to ensure the health and wellness of every child in these early stages of life.”  

Dena Holliday
Frost Bank- bio pending

Carolyn Kenny
Carolyn is a Senior Consultant at Deloitte Consulting in Austin. She came to MMBA as Board Fellow in the MBA program at UT Austin, which matches graduate business students with local non-profit organizations. Her bioengineering background was a good match, and she worked with the board on the ongoing challenge of increasing milk supply to meet growing demand. From this project as well as a NICU tour, Carolyn learned about the challenges recipients face and the profound impact receiving human donor milk has on their ability to thrive. She lives in Austin with her husband and her dog.

"I volunteer for the Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin, because I believe the donor human milk we provide can save babies lives, improve their long-term health, and have a positive impact that extends to their families and communities. The work performed every day at MMBA embodies Margaret Mead’s wisdom, ‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.’ I am inspired by the generosity and passion of MMBA’s staff and volunteers and grateful for the opportunity to serve on the MMBA board."

Julia Weatherby 
Julia Weatherby is a healthcare technology professional currently developing and teaching classes through AGE of Central Texas to educate seniors and caregivers on managing their medical information using technology. Julia was previously senior project manager in the Medicaid program at Texas Health and Human Services Commission and senior IT consultant for IBM’s healthcare industry clients. She holds a master’s degree in biomedical informatics from Oregon Health & Science University, and a computer science degree from St. Edward’s University. Julia enjoys travel, photography, and collecting eggs from her backyard chickens.

"I support the Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin, because I believe every new parent should have the best alternative available for their child if they can't provide their own breast milk. I want to see MMBA, breastfeeding, and milk banking continue to grow so that worldwide, we can meet the need of every child who is in need of breast milk. I want to see donated breast milk continue to be available, safe and affordable for all fragile infants in need.” 

Retired Board Members

Jennie Barnes, 2003
Amy Brandes, 2011
Sr. Beatrice Broussard, 2006
Mia Hsu Burton, 2009
Tres Childress, 2009
Frank Cho, MD 2005
Shawn Colvin, 1999
Donna Cordoba, 2001
Marshall Cothran, 2010
Dr. Geoff Cox, 2010
Rabbi Elizabeth Dunsker, 2003
Tracy Erickson, 2011
Gretchen Flatau, 2001
Gail Gresham, MPH, IBCLC, 2013
Robbie Harris, 2011
Sara Hickman, 2001
Linda Hill, IBCLC, 2013
Julie Hopkins, 2008
Nikki Jackson, 2002
Julie Jumonville, 2011
Sue Ann Kendall, 2002
Elise Kibler, MD, 2009
Judge Julie Kocurek, 2006
Tiffany Koen, 2001
Rebecca Lambeth, 2005
Susan Landers, MD, 2009
Dr. Peg Listrom, 1999
Janice Little, 2001
Jon Mazursky, MD, 2001
Qena McCarty, 2013
Ivonne Mercado, 2005
Reverend Chuck Meyer, 2000 (Deceased)
Valerie Mick, RN, IBCLC , 2002
Nancy Miller-Barton 2011 
Jeanne Byler Mitchell, 1999
Wendy Morgan, 2013
Tom Nesbitt, 2011
Mike Nix, MD, 2013
Jennifer Peters, 2010
Alejandra Porter, 2014
Sara Pullum-Pinon, 2007
Bitsy Rice, 2001
Jodi Richardson, RN, 2010
Kimiko Rife, 2006
Janet Rourke, 2011
Nancy Schweers, 2007
George Sharpe, M.D., 2006 (Deceased)
Tiffany Turner, MD, 2014
Beverly Vaugh, 2006
Barbara Weiss, 2002
Victoria Wheeler, 2000
Wendi White, 2006 
Barbara Wilson-Clay, IBCLC, 2010
Wyanna Eddelman, BN, RNC-NIC, 2015
Kari Anne Roy, 2015
Mary McCarthy, RN, MSN, IBCLC, 2015

Advisory Board

Po Chang, MD (ASCP), PhD
Geoff Cox, MD
Katherine Dettwyler, PhD
Gary Goldstein, MD
Thomas Hale, PhD
Glen Maxey
Andrea Morgan
David K. Rassin, PhD
Barbara Wilson-Clay, IBCLC